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Consumer Laws – The Right Tools

Now that you understand the background of credit bureaus and your credit report, you’re ready to learn how to fix it. The first thing is recognizing the laws that were created to protect consumers. In their infinite wisdom, Congress knew that consumers could be easily harmed by the credit system (yes, Congress likes to add complexity when trying to solve problems).

There are many laws that might apply, including:

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
  • Fair Credit Billing Act
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

If you intend to try fixing your own credit then you should become familiar with these laws. The Federal Trade Commission enforces these laws and you can find more info on their government website.

While we’re at it, there’s even an Act that governs credit repair companies like Legacy Credit & Debt Advisors, so do your homework before you hire someone. It’s called the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

Use the Law to Protect Yourself

Repairing your credit implies that your credit is broken. Given the complexity of the credit system as described here, it’s no surprise that many studies show anywhere from 20-70% or more of all credit reports contain errors. There are any number of ways that your credit record may be broken.

First, there may be mistakes in the reporting of genuine negative marks. For example, if you didn’t pay a bill three years ago, and it was sent to different collection agencies, it’s possible that the same item has been recorded multiple times, making it appear that you had several delinquencies, when in fact, they are the same instance.

There are many other ways in which inaccuracies can harm you. These can include misleading reports, wrong classification, unverifiable items, and untimely or incomplete items.

With a proper understanding of the consumer laws, you will need to contact all sources of the errors, from the original creditor to the most recent collector. Once you bring the error to their attention and identify the legal issues, they may be legally bound to correct the error or remove the negative mark against you. Again, familiarity with the laws and how to apply them is your best tool.

Another problem that is commonly seen arises from mistaken identity. If someone else with the same name has poor credit practices, they may be mistakenly attached to your record, damaging your score, even if you have perfect credit. Sometimes, mistaken identity is actually a stolen identity, a rising problem that will only get worse. Many people don’t even realize they’ve had their identity stolen until they apply for a loan and get denied because someone else has already ruined their record.

Correcting a mistaken or stolen identity can be an especially thorny problem and may even require legal counsel.

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