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Fixing the problems on your credit report is the first, and most important, step in improving your credit. In addition to repairing the problems, you also need to establish good credit. Here are some simple measures to practice that will help build good credit.

First, pay all your bills on time. Every bill, very month. Remember, a late payment history has the biggest negative effect on your score.

Second, get a credit card, as this gives you the ability to prove your trustworthiness. If you have bad credit, you may need to start with a secured credit card. With a secured credit card, you will need to put a deposit down first, that way the credit card company has the funds to cover your payments. But make sure you make a regular monthly payment. After your score improves you’ll find it easier to get an unsecured card. Just be careful, don’t start accumulating debt or you’ll end up in bad shape again.

Third, manage your debts wisely. Keep your debt ratio below about 30% of your total. In other words, if you have two credit cards, with a limit of $500 and $1000, respectively, your total credit line is $1500. Keep your balance below $500 total between the two cards and you’ll be ok. Better yet, pay your balance off each month and you won’t be paying such high interest rates. Consumer debt (credit cards) is the most expensive debt to carry.

Third, practice good financial habits overall. Spend less than you make and start to save. Buying a house to live in makes sense because you need a place to live, and houses usually appreciate in value. Buying a car, though necessary, can be a big drag on your budget and is a depreciating asset. Driving the simplest and most reliable car you can afford is much better for your credit than driving a fancy car that requires a huge loan.

Fourth, think twice before co-signing a loan, even if it’s for a close family member. Once you co-sign, you are just as liable as the other person. In other words, if they miss a payment, you are legally responsible and it will show up as a negative mark on your report.

Stand Guard As You Rebuild Your Future

ID:28883060Improving your credit will take persistence. While you’re disputing items on your report, keep monitoring the results so you can follow up. Also, make sure you stick with the principles above to build good credit. If you only follow the steps for a few months and then go back to your old ways, your rising credit score may soon go back to its old ways, too.

Finally, even after your score rises into the top range, you should continue to monitor your record. Your score can take a hit faster than you can raise it. Errors can be attached to your report at any time. Mistaken identity and identity theft are increasingly bigger problems. Be proactive and use a monitoring service or request your own reports (as mentioned above). Any sudden changes should have your full attention. Keeping your score high will benefit your financial status in many ways, as we noted in the beginning.

Monitor your credit either through a monitoring service or ordering your free report online. The law allows you one free report per year, at each credit agency. If you stagger the requests, you can get one report from a different agency every four months. Here’s the official website to get your free credit report from the three agencies.

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At first I was afraid and wasn't sure they could help me because I'd heard lots of negative things about the credit repair industry. But Chris put me at ease right away. He explained everything clearly and based on his evaluation said he was sure he could raise my credit score. By the end of 6 months, sure enough it was even higher than I was expecting.

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Before calling... my credit was terrible. I tried so hard to go it alone but after calling them, it was the best thing I EVER did. They didn't make me feel ashamed of my situation, nor did they just help me fix it, but guided me in the direction I needed to go in the future to get me to an almost perfect score! They are like family to me now!

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I have had the pleasure of working with Lenise, Chris, and Jody for the past few years in getting my credit paid off. I am now on my way to rebuilding my credit back up with Lenise’s help and I know it will all work out with their help again.

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They really helped me get myself and, my life back on track. Having the professional guidance of Lenise and Chris totally put my mind at ease. Thank you both so much.

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I am more than pleased with the service that I got from this business. Not only did they repair my credit and get me to where I needed to be they also got me credit cards all within one year. They are very helpful, they walk you through everything. The customer service is a 5 stars . I was a nonbeliever about getting my credit fixed by a company. I thought I was never going to restore my credit but they assured me that they would have no problem with restoring my credit and i was I shocked with the results that I got when I pulled my first report after one year. So if you are having Credit problems and you want it cleaned up an old debt erased and gotten rid of give this company a call.

Carl Lindenhurst