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About Us

Welcome to Legacy Credit & Debt Advisors. I started working in the credit restoration industry over 12 years ago, when I took over the family business started by my uncle some 30 years ago. We’ve been operating mainly in the New York area for most of that time, under the name Innovative Business & Co NY. When we recently moved to the Texas area we decided to rebrand under the current name.

I love helping people piece their lives back together after things have been turned upside down due to negative credit. I believe that people who are trying to do the right thing shouldn’t end up being harmed by the credit reporting business simply because they don’t understand how it works. So here at Legacy Credit, we’re committed to working on your behalf. With years of experience we have the expertise to improve your credit and your life.

We focus on customer service because we believe our reputation is all we really have. That’s why we say that your credit is our credibility. Hundreds of people over the years can testify that we serve with integrity and genuine concern. We often go above and beyond what is expected to help our clients out, and we’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.

Chris Lauria

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Your Credit is Our Credibility

Don't just take our word for it, we have plenty of satisfied clients...

At first I was afraid and wasn't sure they could help me because I'd heard lots of negative things about the credit repair industry. But Chris put me at ease right away. He explained everything clearly and based on his evaluation said he was sure he could raise my credit score. By the end of 6 months, sure enough it was even higher than I was expecting.

John H.

...a life changer. Not only are Chris, Lenise and the rest of the staff persistent and motivated in getting results, they are friendly, and a positive group to work with and are always helpful in every aspect. As a result they have put confidence and success back in my future.

Nicole Caldararo

Before calling... my credit was terrible. I tried so hard to go it alone but after calling them, it was the best thing I EVER did. They didn't make me feel ashamed of my situation, nor did they just help me fix it, but guided me in the direction I needed to go in the future to get me to an almost perfect score! They are like family to me now!

Lynn Crisci

I have had the pleasure of working with Lenise, Chris, and Jody for the past few years in getting my credit paid off. I am now on my way to rebuilding my credit back up with Lenise’s help and I know it will all work out with their help again.

Dori R Larm

They really helped me get myself and, my life back on track. Having the professional guidance of Lenise and Chris totally put my mind at ease. Thank you both so much.

Sharon S

I am more than pleased with the service that I got from this business. Not only did they repair my credit and get me to where I needed to be they also got me credit cards all within one year. They are very helpful, they walk you through everything. The customer service is a 5 stars . I was a nonbeliever about getting my credit fixed by a company. I thought I was never going to restore my credit but they assured me that they would have no problem with restoring my credit and i was I shocked with the results that I got when I pulled my first report after one year. So if you are having Credit problems and you want it cleaned up an old debt erased and gotten rid of give this company a call.

Carl Lindenhurst

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